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So had a dream like this once…. Cosplay nightmares….

So had a dream like this once…. Cosplay nightmares….

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Check out what’s been happening on the Project: Long Night front! New Bios, New Pictures, and Filming this weekend!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-Long-Night/188910771163272

First up is ADAM SCOTTEN’S new Cast Bio! image


Steaming up news

Hey peeps!
Joker here! Your connection to the latest news from the Western Canada cosplay community! SO! Who’s looking forward to ANIMETHON 20? It’s all I’m seeing in my newsfeed lately. If you’ve got time you should check out the Facebook page! Everyone’s going nuts about what costume they’re going to wear! If I were going however, I think I’d probably wear Auska’s yellow dress from Neon Genesis Evangelion and my Siren costume, since she hasn’t been out much. Though Tinkerbell was requested yet again! This time by a Disney Princess Cosplay group of some very good friends of mine! Say hi to them for me when you’re there because unfortunately I don’t think I can make it up this year but that’s all due to the Viking Themed Wedding I’ll be attending on the same weekend! Son I am full of excite!


I get to Viking it up and dress up for a weekend camping trip! My dear friend, the happy bride-to-be is HARDCORE!!!!!! Making everything from Goblets out of cow horns, costumes for the entire wedding party, the full reception dinner, centerpieces, jewelry and more!!! Everything for her wedding has been made by hand and given extra attention to detail to make her day absolutely perfect. Now that’s dedication!

So what else has been happening on the cosplayer front line? I finally got my photos of my birthday back and have been hanging around a crew of Steampunks. That’s right the CSA (Better known as the Calgary Steampunk Assemblage.) A few of us went Spruce Meadows to watch the beautiful horses jump all decked out head to toe in Steampunk and Victorian/Edwardian attire. The weekend after I heard tell that there was a Wonderland Tea Party in Fish Creek Park! What’s next on their agenda? The Lougheed House! Never been? I highly recommend it! It’s a gorgeous property in the heart of downtown complete with restaurant, self-guided tours in the house and gardens and the loveliest little gift shop in the basement! If you’re interested in more about this lovely heritage site or more Steampunk adventures look them both up on Facebook or on their website!


A few of the Steampunks I know are making a tv series right now! It’s called the Leibniz Endeavour!
Follow the tale of Amelia Starling as she and her followers quest across Victorian era Europe in search of the lost Perpetual Motion Machine of Gottfried Leibniz. It sounds super exciting and guess who gets to act in it as an Atomoton? That’s right, yours truly! I’m acting out a scene in August. Currently my time is being spent on helping them make costumes, sets, and props! My good friend is the lead costumer on the project and she’s been super busy lately getting everything ready! Check out the Leibniz Endeavour here;

Well that about sums it up for now! So I’ll leave you with these awesome tutorials on how to be Steampunk the cheap and easy beginner way! From MHS Hysteria and Threadbanger!


Until next time lovelies!
Cheers! Jokersdraw~

A few photos from my steampunk adventures! <3